12 days of Christmas!

Why we’re packing up and heading for the sunshine..

Well, it has been an amazing month since we launched. To say thank you to everyone of you we started our 12 days of Christmas countdown early!

We start today with Day 1:

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You are probably thinking “ but why are they starting their 12 days today?”
Well, we’re counting down the days until the last day of Shipping before Christmas and no, it's not because of the postman, it's because me and the family are packing up and driving down the Coast from Portland to San Diego.  
Thats right a 16 hour drive with our two kids (1 and 4 years old) in our 15 year old Land Rover and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
We have been flying home to Europe for the holidays before but the 12 hours flight  is pretty stressful not only on the little ones. Its busy, hectic, expensive, lots of germs around and with us having family across two countries it always becomes yet more traveling internally.  We’re lucky enough that we get to spend time with grand parents, family and friends in the summer so no need to feel guilty.

We have done this road trip twice before and it was an amazing experience as a family. Clark Griswald style packing up the car, getting the play list ready, stopping at New Seasons for healthy snacks and heading south.

Last time we decided to take the scenic route over the Bixby Bridge, had a coffee break in Big Sur, checked the Surf in Santa Cruz and stopped at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a must see when you are around the area with kids. Further along the way we checked out Ventura, great for longboarder Waves and of course where Patagonia's HQ is located.
Another 2 hours (depending on traffic) you get to Encinitas, a beach town with Surf vibe and our final stop of the drive. First things first, straight ahead to the Taco Stand for the best fish burritos in town. Other faves of ours are Pannikin and Lofty for breakfast and Fish101 for your daily dose of healthy food.
Oh and in case you are in need of a last minute Christmas Present for hubby go by Hardworking Gentlemen and find the best Men Essential Goods right there.
Swamis or Beacons are our go to beaches and since the weather is generally in it's 60's, it is warm enough to spend the day outside by the beach or take the kids on a hike.
Another reason why we love to come down here is the lovely Modern charming Cottage we are staying. It's stylish interior, amazing outdoor patio with fire pit and hot tub are just a a couple to mention, and the best it's kid friendly too, we love this home away from home!
Thanks for your time and if you enjoy traveling with kids, we also wrote a blog about driving around Europe last summer (France, Spain and Portugal) right here 
With that said, we are ticking off the days until the most wonderful time of the year and getting ready for our adventures with our little family.  
Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for special offers in the next 12 days on our Instagram and Facebook Page.

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